Successful brands stand the test of time. GoofyPRO excels in nurturing individuality, continually demonstrating an innovative approach with fabrics and designs, while remaining true to it’s values. This is what inspires the commitment of the brand and the timeless nature of our designs.


The success of GoofyPRO also depends on respect for the shared values that guide the day-to-day conduct of our business activities, in terms of ethics, the environment and social responsibility.  Since its founding in 2021, GoofyPRO strives to ensure that these activities reflect the highest standards of integrity, responsibility and respect. We enjoy a culture in which we can express our talent and apply our skills and expertise. We define and adapt our processes, habits and behaviours to pursue continuous improvement in addressing the environmental issues we face. We contribute to the development of our founding region and community, supporting individuals and businesses whenever we can. We make these commitments to ourselves and to our customers.


These include our Code of Conduct, formally setting out simple yet fundamental principles that inspire us in the conduct of our business and guide us in the exercise of our responsibilities. We are committed to ensuring compliance with all applicable treaties, laws and regulations, particularly in the areas of human rights and basic freedoms, health and safety, the environment and social ethics.


This Code of Conduct has been signed by our Company Director and must be committed to by all stakeholders, present and future, who work within the company. Everyone is expected to engage with this common framework and to apply its principles. This is a key factor in ensuring our continued excellence and represents a pillar that allows us to maintain the trust of our customers over the long-term. Our future collective success and reputation, depends on the ethical commitment of every individual in the company.


The company’s continued growth and enduring success will be underpinned by the values and principles that shape its culture and inspire and guide the actions of all within our business.


Creativity and innovation are integral parts of our DNA. These elements allow us to feel inspired every single day and to reach our full potential.


GoofyPRO embodies the world of craftsmanship, paying meticulous attention to detail. We never compromise on quality. From products to service, we cultivate our constant quest for excellence.


GoofyPRO encourages individual identity, operational efficiency and customer responsiveness. We encourage initiative through meaningful responsibilities. Our entrepreneurial spirit encourages dedication, measured risk-taking and perseverance. It requires pragmatic thinking, leading us to achieve ambitious objectives.


Our brand values serve as a guide, as well as in complex environments, enabling us to challenge ourselves to innovate and create. Our values are the pillars that ensure the performance and long-term success of GoofyPRO.


The principles set out in this Code of Conduct provide an ethical framework for all the actions of GoofyPRO, with the expectation to fully respect the company’s ethical commitments. Respect for national and international laws, regulations and decisions and the application of best practices – particularly with respect to ethics, the environment and social responsibility – are essential prerequisites for the credibility of our policy. GoofyPRO is committed to respecting both the letter and the spirit of these key texts and to translating its values and principles into responsible behaviour.


This Code of Conduct serves as a common core and source of inspiration. It brings together the fundamental principles that illustrate our shared commitment and guide the way we carry out our day-to-day professional activities. It states the principles we seek to inspire in every member of the business, as well as our partners and suppliers.


GoofyPRO seeks to ensure that our conduct respects individual rights and encourages the continuous improvement of social enlightenment, which is essential to the development and protection of individual rights. GoofyPRO is committed to remaining vigilant in identifying any potential direct or indirect negative impact of its activities on society, in order to prevent or if necessary, remedy any such negative impact.


GoofyPRO is committed to maintaining and encouraging responsible and fair relationships with its partners and suppliers.


GoofyPRO maintains balanced commercial relations with its partners and suppliers and places special emphasis on respect for contractual agreements and terms of payment.


GoofyPRO is committed to nurturing a culture of inclusion, that respects individuality. GoofyPRO prohibits all forms of discrimination in the course of the entirety of its business activities.


GoofyPRO opposes all forms of physical, sexual, verbal or psychological violence and harassment. Diversity is an integral part and indeed a cornerstone of our culture.


Protecting the environment is both an imperative and a progressing consideration. GoofyPRO strictly complies with applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards. GoofyPRO strives to exceed legal and regulatory norms, to address environmental issues that concern everyone. GoofyPRO takes a precautionary and carefully considered approach to its business activities.

1. We commit to a high level of environmental responsibility.
2. We champion a collective commitment, leading by example.
3. We design high-quality products by integrating environmental innovation and creativity.
4. We integrate environmental consideration at the design stage of every product.
5. We are environmentally strategic when sourcing raw materials.
6. We ensure material traceability compliance.
7. We encourage environmental and social responsibility of suppliers.
8. We strive to reduce greenhouse gases emissions of our activities.
9. We welcome and where necessary address, environmental issues raised by our customers.


GoofyPRO is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its customers, by applying a precautionary principle in the design and production of its products. GoofyPRO continually strives to offer customers the highest possible product quality by way of carefully selected partnerships, research and innovation, exacting standards in selecting materials, and in utilising the necessary expertise within manufacture. We take special care in the sourcing of high-quality materials to seek to assure the sustainability of its resources, as well as respect for the principles promoted by GoofyPRO in this Code of Conduct.


GoofyPRO seeks to provide its customers with the clearest and most accurate information possible concerning production methods. GoofyPRO strives to refrain from making misleading statements or claims concerning its products and how they are produced. GoofyPRO is committed to the highest levels of vigilance regarding its marketing and advertising information, by way of a socially responsible and universally respectful approach.


Understanding customer needs and expectations is essential in order to provide them with the products they seek and deliver a first class customer experience. GoofyPRO seeks to act with complete transparency in compliance with applicable regulations, concerning protection of customers’ personal information. In particular, GoofyPRO provide their customers with clear information concerning the personal information they provide, and takes measures to protect the confidentiality of this information. GoofyPRO does not sell customers’ personal information. GoofyPRO does not send marketing messages to customers, without their prior consent.


GoofyPRO takes measures to protect its assets and resources, including its intellectual property rights. The company deploys an anti-counterfeiting strategy based on prevention, cooperation and communication. We take a responsible approach to protecting the heritage and resources of GoofyPRO to minimise any loss, improper use, damage or waste. These resources include equipment, product, financial resources and any other company tangible or intangible asset. There is an expectation that the company’s resources are utilised responsibly and for professional, legal and appropriate purposes.


Vigilance is key in protecting against waste or abusive use of resources. The use of information technology resources is subject to compliance by all, with the group’s rules and principles thereto. GoofyPRO requires fair and equitable behaviour at all times. We adopt a responsible approach to protecting the reputation of GoofyPRO and its partners, and refrain from any denigration of competitors. The expectation is one of mutual respect and confidentiality at all times.