At the GoofyPRO Design Hub, the scope for British product innovation is infinite. Seamlessly entwining Performance Excellence with Lifestyle Elements, we embody Individuality and Collective Unity, empowering in 'no ordinary way.'

Design 'no ordinary way'

GoofyPRO designs exceptional products from innovative materials. Our core hoodie, the Cayton, is created from a sustainable yarn made from regenerated fishing nets, fabric scraps and industrial plastic. We source only 100% certified recycled nylon.

GoofyPRO uniquely combines Purposeful Design, Pioneering Technologies, and Premium Fabrics, seeking to inspire us all to celebrate our inner GoofyPRO.

Supporting local communities, helps our planet.

GoofyPRO sources locally whenever possible, supporting positive change towards a lower carbon future. We are absolutely committed to authentic long-lasting relationships. Working hand in hand with people, is always at the heart of what we do.

We are dedicated to supporting a brighter future for our communities and for our planet.

Care 'no ordinary way'

Our 'no ordinary way' approach and culture means that it is in our very nature to care.

Innovation and sustainability are always at the heart of our supply chain and product creation.

Our products, our packaging, our approach; at GoofyPRO we set leading standards towards making a positive environmental impact.

We are committed to being kind to our planet, preserving Earth for future generations.