The future of our planet is being decided in every present-day decision we make. GoofyPRO recognises the responsibility we have to protect the environment for future generations. We are committed to reducing our impact on the planet, with the life cycle of our products being regularly reviewed.

We are committed to supporting a brighter future for our environment, our communities and our planet.


Doing Our Part

We strive for all of our efforts at GoofyPRO, to add up to positive change. GoofyPRO is committed to a lower carbon future.


Thinking Creatively

Reimagining the materials we use in our products, is essential to sustainability. This begins at the design stage, with careful consideration given to using responsibly sourced materials, as well as finding creative ways to recycle and reuse. It also means exploring innovative solutions such as utilising natural or recycled alternatives, rather than traditional synthetics. We endeavour to utilise recycled materials and environmentally responsible printing methods, whenever possible.

To reduce environmental impact, we’re focused on moving towards the use of recycled materials throughout our entire resourcing process.