At GoofyPRO, our principles influence everything we do. Modelling these principles helps us to navigate even the most complex situations. We endeavour to work with partners who share our values and who understand the importance of conducting business ethically. Worker well-being is a priority of our framework. As part of our focus on workers, we are committed to taking steps to address modern slavery.

This statement discusses the activities of GoofyPRO to address forced labour, human trafficking, slavery and servitude, debt bondage, child labour, deceptive recruiting for labour or services and other similar conduct (collectively, “modern slavery”). All data below relates to the continuing operations of GoofyPRO. This statement is published pursuant to the UK Modern Slavery Act.

We are committed to respecting all human rights. This commitment to respecting human rights includes freedom from modern slavery.

GoofyPRO evolves towards becoming a leader in lifestyle apparel.

GoofyPRO products are primarily obtained directly, and from independent manufacturing and design facilities in the UK. These facilities are responsible for managing the manufacturing and procurement of product, supplier oversight, product quality assurance, sustainability within the supply chain, responsible sourcing and transportation and shipping functions.



Code of Conduct

GoofyPRO adopts an absolute avoidance and zero tolerance approach to the use of forced or involuntary labour.

Core Principle Elements

Working Conditions

Involuntary or Forced Labour

Wages, Benefits and Working Hours

Contracted partners are prohibited from engaging subcontractors to produce GoofyPRO products, without the written permission of GoofyPRO.


Terms of Engagement

We expect our partners and manufacturers to adhere to the same standards of social and environmental responsibility that we commit to ourselves. As such, we evaluate potential contracted partners and manufacturers against our own standards. Our principles require contracted partners and manufacturers to conduct business in full compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, including those relating to modern slavery.


Human Rights and Responsible Recruitment  

Our business partners are required to adhere to UK Law, in respect to Human Rights and Responsible Recruitment. Our principles reinforce our commitment to upholding human rights and mitigating the risks of forced labour in our value chain. Learning of potential human rights issues within our business or supply chain, immediately triggers investigative engagement and appropriate remediation.  We will end our business relationships with partners who refuse to remediate human rights issues. To date, no human rights issues have been identified by us, within our business directly or wider supply chain.


Fabric Sourcing

To uphold compliance with legal requirements and our commitment to responsible sourcing, GoofyPRO engages mandatory steps to track the origin and flow of materials, through each stage of our supply chains.



Human Rights Risk Assessments

We analyse publicly available information on documented forced labour incidents and forced labour vulnerabilities, both within the UK and internationally. This analysis supports our prioritisation of actions, to mitigate forced labour risks.

Internal Compliance Audits

We conduct periodic Internal Compliance Audits, to assess our adherence to the principles of GoofyPRO. Our audit process includes identifying any evidence of health and safety concerns, social compliance issues and environmental issues (This list evolves and is not exhaustive).



GoofyPRO teams are required to read, understand and commit to our Code of Conduct, and to sign in agreement to abide by its principles.